Serving tray-cutting board made of oak Apple 290x270x24


Made of oak.
Dimensions: approx. 2,4 x 27 x 29 cm
Hand made, and all the tables are a bit different, dimensions may vary slightly.

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Oak serving tray and cutting board in the shape of an apple. Both sides of the board can be used, the milled side as a serving base and inverted for a smooth and strong cutting board. The wooden tray is made of carefully selected and dried oak plank. Made by hand and all the cutting boards are a little different, the dimensions may vary a bit. There is a hole in the serving tray for convenient hanging or tying the ribbon.
At least once a year, we recommend treating the board surface with linseed oil or ordinary cooking oil. In this case, the base will look fresh and no small drying cracks will develop over time. The serving tray must be washed and thoroughly dry before oiling. Always oil the board on both sides to prevent it from twisting. After washing or oiling, place the cutting board to dry so that air can reach both sides, for example on an upright base frame.
Not machine washable!

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