Butter knife from ash tree with juniper handle decoration 17cm


Butter knife made of ash tree, a juniper mosaic is glued to the handle for decoration. The surface is treated with 100% natural, cold-pressed linseed oil.
!!! Made by hand and no exactly the same knife. The tone and pattern of the wood may differ from the picture.

Dimensions: ca 1,2 x 3 x 17 cm

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Butter knife from ash tree. It is very nice to spread butter and pate on the bread, who once tried it, it doesn’t use another knife anymore.
At least once a year, we recommend treating the surface of the butter knife with linseed oil or ordinary cooking oil. The knife must be washed and dry thoroughly before oiling. Always oil the knife on both sides using an oil-soaked cloth. After washing or oiling, place the butter knife to dry so that air can reach both sides.
Do not use the dishwasher!
More information about juniper glued to the knife handle can be found here

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Dimensions 17 × 3 × 1.2 cm
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