Sauna skirt for men linen terry 40%linen 55x140cm


Sauna skirt for men from high-quality and linen terry fabric. Fastening with a long and strong velcro fastening, a wide and durable rubber band folded at the top. Suitable for men of all sizes! For extra convenience, a pocket with an embroidered picture is sewn on.
Fabric: 40% linen, 60% cotton
Size: 55 x 140 cm
You can buy a set for this sauna skirt in the same color as a sauna hat.
Maintenance: machine wash max 40 °

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Sauna skirt for men is very comfortable to use when looking for cooling in the steam room. The combination of the rubber band and the velcro fastening ensures a firm and comfortable stay for a man of any size. Enjoy the sauna comfortably and effortlessly.

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