Men’s linen terry sauna hat, 40% linen


Linen terry cloth sauna hat with embroidered picture.
Half-linen hats are very comfortable and light. The linen sauna hat is durable, hygienic and easy to maintain.
Composition: 40% linen, 60% cotton
Color: natural linen
Size: universal
Maintenance: machine wash max 40 ° degrees.
You can buy a sauna skirt in the same color for this sauna hat.

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Half-linen hats are very comfortable and light, easy to maintain and can be washed in the washing machine. Before putting this sauna cap on the head, you can soak it in water to protect your head and hair from contact with a dry hot sauna.
Linen sauna hats are sewn from terry cloth, which is a natural linen tone and durable.
The right hat protects your head from high temperatures, thus avoiding dizziness and nausea. The body heat up, but the head remains clear. The sauna hat also keeps the hair from becoming hot and brittle with heat. It is also good to go with a hat to the barrel sauna, so the ears can’t get cold and the mosquito can’t attack.
The perfect gift idea! A sauna hat is a great gift for every sauna lover for any anniversary.

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