Sauna hat with flowers white A1185


6 mm felt hat
100% wool
Size: universal

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Sauna hat with flowers white A1185 is a 6 mm felt hat that protects the scalp from hard steam. It is also nice to go from the steam room to the snow in winter with a felt hat. Sauna hats help women protect their hair, which can become dry and brittle with heat. Stylish sauna hat for women prevents dizziness due to a sudden change in temperature! It’s great to jump in the snow with a sauna hat in winter. The body heat up, but the head remains clear. It is also good to go with a hat to the barrel sauna, so your ears can’t get cold and the mosquito won’t bite. Need a gift idea? A sauna hat is a great gift for every sauna lover for any anniversary.
Sauna hat with flowers white A1185
Wool is a self-cleaning material and does not need to be washed directly, but if you happen to need to clean the hat, do it by hand, under cool water, do not twist or stretch! To remove stubborn stains, use wool shampoo or a lighter children’s soap. Dry spread out to maintain the shape of the hat. The high-quality dry-felt hat retains its shape, does not become stuffy, absorbs moisture well and does not allow heat. A good sauna hat lasts for years!

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