Wooden toy Fire truck 34(60)x12,5×20(50)cm


Truck made of untreated natural birch and are finely hand sanded to a satin smooth. The ladder  moves up and down and rotates.
Length: 34-60 cm; Width: 12,5 cm; Height: 20-50 cm

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Wooden toy Fire truck
Wooden Fire truck 1Wooden toy Fire truck is made of natural birch wood, the surface is completely untreated, only sanded with fine sandpaper. The birch tree is free of stains and resins, safe even for the smallest player.
The car ladder module rotates and can be raised, the ladder can be extended and fixed at different lengths. The length is 34-60 cm depending on the position of the ladder and the height is 20-50 cm. The width of the car is about 12.5 cm.
Also suitable for summer sandbox.

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