Waffel fabric linen 25%, 300g/m², w:146cm, softened light gray


Composition: 25% linen, 75% cotton, softened, light gray
Width: 146±3 cm, Weight: 300 g/m²
Maintenance: machine wash max 40° degrees.
Highly absorbent waffel fabric suitable for sewing bathrobes, towels and various home textiles. Repeatedly washed or very soft fabric and due to this the garment shrinks significantly less in the later wash. The natural fiber fabric is suitable for allergy sufferers.

The purchase step is 1 meter.

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Waffel fabric has been pre-washed many times and makes it suitable for making the product immediately. The softened linen fabric is also soft due to this. Waffel fabric with a high linen content has several advantages over a regular cotton fabric. At the same time, linen fabric is stronger and more wear-resistant. Due to its porosity, linen fabric absorbs moisture quickly and also dries quickly. The linen fabric feels pleasantly fresh and cool on the body due to the fast dissipation of heat and moisture generated by the body.
Flax does not cause allergic reactions, it accumulates less dirt, soap and scale, so it is well suited for small children or people with skin problems.
Linen fabric is resistant to static electricity and therefore does not electrify easily. The linen product is also an environmentally friendly and waste-free product with a small ecological footprint. Linen fabric does not get dirty so easily because it is slippery, smooth and less dirt-resistant on the surface. It is recommended to wash linen products at 40 °. The detergent must not contain fabric-damaging bleach. Linen fabric should not be scrubbed, avoid a strong machine wash program, suitable  a gentle wash cycle. Tumble drying is not recommended. When ironing, linen must always be damp. When ironing with steam or humid temperatures, the surface of the linen fabric becomes smooth.

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