Uncut amber necklace 46cm 16g no12


Natural uncut amber necklace, connection with plastic screw.
Length: ca 46 cm. Weight: ca 16g
! Handmade and all necklaces are a little different, length and weight can vary slightly (+/- 5%).
Made in Lithuania

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Uncut amber necklace 46cm 16g no12 is made of natural Baltic amber. Uncut amber necklace is a stylish gift that keeps its value over time and is always precious and fashionable. Amber has always been used as a valued gemstone and even as a valid payment option. Amber is believed to have healing and soothing effects, and promotes longevity and is an effective natural antibiotic. Necklaces are made of very different colors of amber, from matte yellow to shiny black. All amber colors have an equal health effect and soothing effect. Which color amber necklace is best suited depends only on personal preferences.

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