Women’s woolen socks with pattern RN04

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100% natural wool
Upper leg height ca 20cm, reinforced heel, wide calf edge.
Price for sizes 36-37: € 23,00
Price for sizes 38-41: € 23,50
Price for sizes 42-43: € 24,00


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Women’s woolen socks with pattern RN04 are warm women’s socks made of wool yarn, evenly and densely woven. To strengthen the sock heel, we always use a special synthetic thread, which makes the heel more durable and prolongs the life of the wool sock. The upper edge of women’s wool socks is comfortably wide and does not line the legs, which is very comfortable for the wearer. Elements of Estonian and Nordic national patterns have been used in the sock patterns. Woolen yarns are able to absorb large amounts of moisture before they appear wet and therefore cold. If your feet are warm, then the autumn wind and winter cold are not a problem.
Women’s woolen socks with pattern RN04, yarn colors used: light grey, blue/black.
You can find more detailed information about the yarn used here.
– Wash woolen products as little as possible, rather than ventilate.
– If you need to wash, it is best to wash woolen clothes by hand.
– When washing by hand, do not twist, but gently squeeze out excess water.
– Do not wash woolen clothes with others.
– When washing the machine, use a gentle hand wash program, preferably not more than 30 degrees, do not use a spin
– Dry the fabric on a flat surface, not overheated.

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