Children’s merino wool headband, 20+shades


100% merino wool (Yarn Drops Baby Merino)
This yarn is Oeko-Tex® certified, Standard 100, Class I, this highest level means that the yarn is completely chemical-free and suitable for use in baby clothes.
Suitable for head circumference ~ 48-52 cm, weight approx. 50g
The width of the headband to stretch is about 10 cm – it comfortably stretches up to 14 cm. Warm and light, while the skin was soft and silky.

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Children’s merino wool headband is beautiful and stylish and at the same time an effective and warm alternative to a winter hat. Merino wool is obtained from merino wool sheep and is considered to be the highest quality sheep wool. Our merino wool headband is woven from 100% merino wool with a beautiful ribbed pattern which is pleasantly fluffy. Warm, very soft yarn is especially suitable for delicate skin. We use the best quality yarn in our manufacture: Drops Baby Merino. This yarn is spun from fine, high-quality merino wool from free-range sheep in South America. This yarn is Oeko-Tex® certified (number 25.3.0110), Standard 100, Class I. This means that it has been tested and is completely chemical-free and safe to use. Class I is the highest level, which means that this yarn can be used for baby clothes (age 0-3 months). The yarn is also machine washable and is therefore ideal for everyday use. Available in many different colors.
Children’s merino wool headband:
Care of wool products:
– Wash woolen products as little as possible, rather than ventilate.
– If you need to wash, it is best to wash woolen clothes by hand.
– When washing by hand, do not twist, but gently squeeze out excess water.
– Do not wash woolen clothes with others.
– When washing the machine, use a gentle hand wash program, preferably not more than 30 degrees, do not use a spin
– Dry the fabric on a flat surface, not overheated.

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